Prabhu Interiors was established in 1970 by our legendary founder Late Shri. Prabhudas V. Panchasara, a thought leader in his era. Infusing spaces with touches of culture and design has been his forte. His taste for design responsibility and effectiveness with environment keeping in mind, fueled by his skill of exploring materials and reinterpreting contextual realities made him the sucess.
Spanning over 45 years of expertise in creating aesthetic spaces for clients, Prabhu Interiors Pvt Ltd. is a professional interior turnkey solution provider. Prabhu Interiors is a leading firm that has created a niche in the industry over these years in delivering projects according to taste and time of clients.
We have built many offices for well-known organizations such as YES Bank, HSBC, Hindustan Petroleum, TATA, Reliance etc. WE have also designed hi-end residential homes of various prominent people over the years. Our principles are based on delivering solutions to clients with attention to budgets and future maintenance. Our fame is credited to us because we successfully balance design affordability and durability.


Smart co-ordination of associates between site
& Manufacturing unit to ensure timely delivery to
meet the project deadline.

strength & expertise

Skilled designer, associates, supervisors with complete structures for
clients. They work closely with the designers to ensure safety, and
compatibility with design elements. Our teams specialize incorporating harmony and aesthetics by using ergonomics of design as their guide.

This is useful when designing for spaces where manufacturing is not possible.

This workshop allows many elements to be manufactured simultaneously. We are able to maximize resources for clients with minimum wastage. This is a huge advantage for our clients and for us since we are able to control costs and deliver solutions at competitive prices. We harness technology to build long-lasting materials for our clients and to combine sophistication, innovation, comfort and functionality.
Quality is achieved by smart execution with best resources which allows to convey the optimum possibilities…